Homeowners Tips

1Sliding Doors & Windows
• It is important to keep the bottom track of sliding doors and sliding windows sand free, to avoid unnecessary build-up of dirt around the wheels. • Rinse excess salt of with fresh water and do not spray any oil on the wheels
2Cleaning Glass
• Use microfiber cloths to clean glass. They leave a streak-and lint free finish and can be washed and re-used.
3Cleaning & Maintaining Stainless Steel Products
Stainless steel is one of the most durable metals available with its ability to resist stains, rust and corrosion. However, even the finest alloy will suffer if not cared for. In coastal areas where deposits like flash rust may occur, which can affect the material; we strongly recommend regular cleaning (at the coast, every 4 weeks) As a rule: when your glass is dirty, so is your stainless steel. Good results can be achieved by cleaning with a scotch pad and a mild detergent like dishwashing liquid. Stainless steel cleaners are now also available at hardware stores. A motor vehicle wax polish can be applied to cleaned products, to maintain the stainless steel finish. Do not use steel wool, wire brushes, or silver and brass cleaners, as these will damage and scratch the surface.

BB Glass & Aluminium